Tips to use Telegram in your business

Telegram is a very easy-to-use messaging 5 tips to application, similar to other competing applications (such as WhatsApp and Messenger), but which offers many more. Therefore, functions to its users. In addition to being multiplatform, it is possible to access it from various. Therefore, types of devices and, according to the spokespersons for the app itself : “Telegram became one of the 5 most downloaded apps worldwide in 2022 and already has more than 700 million monthly active users.” On Telegram, the user can exchange messages with their contacts, send audios and files, as well as make calls and have group conversations.


What is 5 tips to Telegram

Messaging applications is. Therefore, wrong. In fact, it makes executive data many more functionalities available to users. These features stand out: Sending attachments On Telegram you can send attachments of up to 1.5 GB, compared to just 100 MB. Therefore, enabled by WhatsApp. Broadcast channels Telegram allows you to create broadcast channels to send content, similar to WhatsApp. However, the difference is that the user must subscribe to the channel of interest.

Whatsapp Mobile Number List What are the features of Telegram

For those who have a. Therefore, company, the advice is to send product news, information and notes relevant to your Country List segment. The format options are also attractive: you can send images, audios, text files and links . The. Therefore, environment is 100% controllable by the creator, you can publish polls and open the “reaction” option to posts. Thus, the content is more organized and comment threads and parallel conversations are prevented.

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