Transport of data from the employer

That the processing meets the requirements of this regulation and protects the rights of data subjects “. Unlike the administrator, the external entity does not decide on the purposes and methods of personal data processing, and the processing of personal data by this entity, as part of the entrustment, is carrid out on behalf of the administrator. Administrator Responsibilities Contractor verification When selecting the entity to which it commissions.

Rules for handling paper documentation

The performance of a specific service, the controller must be guidd not only by the reliability of the service providd in a specific whatsapp mobile number list area, but above all by the provision by such entity of sufficient guarantees to meet the requirements of the GDPR and protect the rights of data subjects.How can the administrator fulfill this obligation? The administrator should audit the above-mentiond the entity, by sending a survey or verification questionnaire, in which the external entity will provide information on key issues relatd to ensuring the security of personal data processing, such as.

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Procedure workers identity verification

Adoptd and applicable personal data protection policies, providing employees and associates with access to data personal Country List authorizations, the obligation of the above persons to maintain confidentiality, types of systems and the method of securing personal data in the ICT environment, the method of physical storage of documents, whether, for example, the so-calld “clean desk rule” – these are just some examples of elements that should be includd in the contractor’s verification form.

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