5 Best and Free Applications for Database Diagram Design

A database schema is a blueprint that describes a description of the database structure , data types, and constraints on the database . Database schema design is one of the first and important steps to develop any software or website.

Here is a list of the 5 best and free database diagram design applications according to anthony thong do to help you determine the right application for you in designing database schema diagrams .

This App is Free With Unlimited Objects and Diagrams

The dbdiagram.Io app is a fast and simple database designer tool for those of you who draw database diagrams using a special language like domain (dsl).

The application has a simple Ecuador Mobile Number List language to define and focuses exclusively on drawing database relationship diagrams. Plus, you can save and share your diagrams online.

The application’s user interface also looks simple and neat with beautiful diagrams. This app is designed for developers , dbas, data analysts.

2. Draw.Io
The best and free database diagram design application 2
Image by holistics.
Draw.Io is a free online diagramming  application for making flowcharts , process diagrams, and so on. This application is free for web-based use, and paid for atlassian applications such as confluence or jira.

This application provides various types of charts such as flowcharts, organizational charts, uml, er, and network diagrams. You can save your diagrams to cloud storage services such as gdrive, dropbox and onedrive, or to your own computer.

The Best and Free Database Diagram Design Application 3

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Lucidchart is a collaborative, cloud- based diagramming application . Lucidchart can help your team create not only database Country List diagrams but also flowcharts , process maps , uml models, org charts, on any device across the platforms you already use.

You can get a good experience especially if you are more than a designer and want a drag-and-drop look. You can integrate your diagrams with gsuite or microsoft office.

You can access this application for free with limited features, namely 3 diagrams and 60 objects per diagram. You can also pay $4.95-20 per month for unlimited features.

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