Seven out of 10 web conferences or online meetings don’t go well, the back-end support system is one of the causes of errors that make it inefficient.

In this era of electronic communication, the concept of “Nice to e-meet you” has made changes in aspects of collaboration and communication. With web software and conferencing applications, it can facilitate easy online communication or meetings, anytime and anywhere. This can minimize distance, time and costs incurred for meetings.

In this article, we will focus on helping you understand web conferencing software, its main features and some free open source web conferencing software that you can use.

Now Let’s Take a Look at the Software Features Available to Institutions

Multi-platform video conferencing platform – jitsi is 100% free and open source. It supports web platforms, windows, linux, mac os x, and android platforms and hosts jitsi meet and jitsi videobridge as the most aspiring video conferencing projects.
8 best free and open source web conference software 03
Gnu (gpl) general public license Cayman Islands Number List linphone is a voice. Over ip softphone which is widely used for voice. Over ip, instant messaging, video conferencing. Initially, linux was the basis for developing linphone. But now it also works on microsoft windows, mac os x. And phones running windows phone, ios or android.

Open meetings open source software is use for online training Red5 media server based software works on html 5 and flash. Mysql based software supported and apache license 2.0 has a stable version 4.07 available in 31 languages.

Mconf is a Free and Open Source Web Conferencing System Which

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It holds the gnu general public license 3.0. Mconf-live, mconf-web and mconf-mobile are the three most important components of the mconf project.

Mconf supports document Country List sharing procedures where users are free to share any document material and any member of the community can access these documents.
Users can also bookmark and version documents so that people can easily find them later.
This software allows you to create accounts, join meetings, share meeting sessions, customize things and access meeting rooms.
This software allows users to download presentations and copy chats to the clipboard.
Here, users can share multiple cameras.

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