How Islamic Faith & Values ​​Can Restore

The biggest challenge for followers of Islam is how to make this religion still relevant in the modern world today. Do Islamic values ​​have a function in this age? Can it meet the great challenges of the modern world for all people — whether religious or not?

By reducing human dignity to only physical and biological existence where the idea of ​​survival of the fittest encourages progress and innovation.. … so it is not surprising that productivity in modern times is simply ‘ the process of maximizing human potential to achieve the desired goal in a matter.

In the pursuit of wealth and success where work family and vacations

Are all enjoyed as a result of being productive we Phone Number List can lose the meaning of our own lives . However, can Faith restore the balance of both (productivity and meaningful life) in our lives?

Life is a journey, opportunity and faith. The values ​​that govern our lives will affect the outcome of this journey. These values ​​start with our beliefs Paradigms of thought and ideas generated in the conscious or semi-conscious mind, which give direction to our behavior.

I am as My servants think of Me’ is God’s statement that gives us guidance. It teaches us that our destiny depends on the way we think and behave. A meaningful existence is a life based on hope, contribution and productivity.

The great Islamic scholar, Ibnu Qayyim has spoken about ‘ not surrendering to destiny but fighting destiny using another destiny’. This kind of thinking paradigm gives us hope and confidence that: — making changes is not impossible.

Change is part of our destiny We need to have the power of Islam

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That transforms as a pillar of faith, values ​​and ethics. Total Country List productivity lies at the root of change in our lives and the world around us. Productivity in Islam is multi-dimensional, holistic, balanced and integrated.

Islamic Relations and Productivity To explain the Islamic view of productivity and its relevance to the modern world, we need to talk about these two things:

First, we need to understand that productivity theory in the modern age is the result of the impact of today’s society. Secondly, we need to explain what Islam has to offer in solving some of these productivity challenges.

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