When hiring the services of cloud medical software, certain aspects must be taken into account about the elements that will make up our clinic management program. In this post, we are going to talk about a file as important as the digital medical history.

Can a patient request medical history online?
The answer is yes: the patient has the right to request access to their medical history online, whether in public or private mode.

In fact, the Spanish health system has a program designed to facilitate patient access to their records quickly, simply and comfortably. However, the differentiation between the criteria of the different Autonomous Communities for the management of their health systems is making it difficult to consolidate this project in the different regions.

Request a medical report from Social Security

The Ministry of Health, through its official website, has a file that allows you to request the Digital Clinical History of the National Health System. It is important to note buy telemarketing call list that not all centers are assign to this service, only the information of the digitiz centers is includ in the online application.

To begin the management of a medical report, it will be necessary to attach a series of documents that prove that, indeed, it is the owner who is trying to access their own medical data.

Therefore, if you want to know how to view my medical history online, the only possibility is to request the history from the Ministry of Health itself, which is in charge of managing this type of requests.

We have analyz how to request medical history online, but there is another possibility. If you do not want to request your medical history online, you can do it in person. In this case, it will be essential to go to the patient care service of the health center and present your ID. It is also essential to fill out an application form so that the consultation is register. The application has two copies, one for the center itself and another for the patient.

Health personnel access

Can every health professional access a medical history? No, only medical personnel directly involved in your treatment can consult your data. This means that being a worker in a health center does not give you the right to consult any medical profile of a health care provider. patient.

As with personal consultations, professional consultations also include the following exceptions.
For epidemiological reasons that may put a large part of the population at risk.
To evaluate or plan the quality of care.

In these cases, exclusively healthcare personnel can carry out specific consultations in the records of patients that they do not regularly treat.

There is one last exception and they Country List are mutual insurance companies. In this case the company cannot contact the doctor directly, but rather it is the National Social Security Institute that assesses and manages this type of consultation.

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