Digital Competence is Essential Sales Oriented

You can see the full report here . Important conclusions: The common problem is falling into the perception of self-satisfaction , which is generate when you are working in the store and you form the idea that since I already know how to use it, it must be easy to understand in a general way.

Marketing Department in Charge of Boosting Sales

 Pay attention, this is important!  Investigate what your users are looking for Before putting all your tools into operation to create a blog, you should stop and investigate what your users want to find on your website and what they are searching for relate to the sector in which you are locate. Although search results

Should Be Done but in an SMS or Company

 This will give us an advantage, since if we manage to attract a greater number of users, navigability and the time spent on our website will increase, which will make us score points with respect to SEO and compare to the competition. create content  ? Create your own style through which you are able to

Incorporating Digital Skills Focused on Improving

 You should not copy them, but improve them . Tips to create quality web content that generates real traffic Next, we are going to give you a series of tips so that generating content on your blog does not become a sea of ​​doubts, but rather so that you know from the first minute what

On the Internet Certain Management Positions

 Well, the same thing happens with the contents of our website, not by running more are we going to make things better, but quite the opposite.  When we are going to publish a post on our blog, there are a series of mistakes that cannot be made because the most likely thing is that we

Communication Oriented Towards Sales

 It has put so much focus on this that it works its recommendation algorithms like no one else. Have you seen how on a product page, whatever it may be, it knows that it nees to be complemente or improve and it shows it to you so naturally. It has worke so well that this

Guidelines to Build a Sustainable Learning Community

Learning communities are everywhere! It’s where online academies thrive and flourish. Should you build one for your business? Today, I will talk about the basic yet helpful guidelines to build your learning community from scratch, and how you can make it sustainable. Are you experiencing a demand for your digital service and products? People are

Essential Email Sequences For Course Creators

Email marketing has become the talk of the edTech town. Over the years, it has proven itself as the most viable and profitable way of marketing online courses. According to our research, 66% of online course creators earning between 10k to 20k USD use email marketing as their preferred method. The art of their success

The Benefits of Learning Sprints to your Students

Students can learn skills faster Bootcamps are rigorous training to level up students’ skills in the game. Imagine if you add the learning sprint approach in Bootcamps, the agility of the training will be intensive. Students can gain these skills not in a year, but in 12 weeks. Students learn to build real-world projects If