Essential Email Sequences For Course Creators

Email marketing has become the talk of the edTech town. Over the years, it has proven itself as the most viable and profitable way of marketing online courses. According to our research, 66% of online course creators earning between 10k to 20k USD use email marketing as their preferred method. The art of their success lies in the execution of email sequences. I am aware that not everyone is an expert in this domain. That’s why this article has you covered with all the essential email sequences you require as online course creators.

What are email sequences?

For those of you who are unfamiliar with this term, email sequences are basically an auto Telegraph Number Data mated series of emails. They are targeted socially towards your potential buyers and subscribers so that they are informed about your upcoming ventures and convert into loyal customers. Perhaps, this term is new to you but the phenomenon is fairly familiar as we all have received such emails at some point. One can use specialized software that automates these emails according to the subscribers’ time zones. A popular name is Mailchimp. But besides these, often certain LMS tools offer an inbuilt email automation tool. They run on an automated loop according to set criteria meeting an agenda. One email sequence can be anywhere between 1 or more than twenty even.

Benefits of email sequences for course creators

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Wanna know why as online course creators the knowledge of email sequ Country List ences is profound? Here’s a list of reasons: They act as plug & play marketing campaigns offering a quick way to drive sales and user engagement. Ensure regular engagement and strengthens relations with customers. Establish your credibility as an expert by keeping up your PR. Offers free resources to your subscribers to convert them into buyers. Frees up your time by automating emails. Helps in driving traffic to your site. Provides access to your subscribers. Ensure student retention during the courses. A great way of collecting testimonials.

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