The latter thus becomes clearer which is especially important if the online store is international. Videos Videos can increase conversion rates compared to online stores that don’t use this type of content. According to statistics, of companies use explainer videos, of companies use demo videos, and of companies use sales videos. Such videos are published on the home page of the website. Explainer videos do three things to get attention. On average, the user follows any object for the most seconds, so the online store should immediately interest him. In just a few minutes of a video, you can tell people the history of an online store, its goals, and how it works.

It is easier for people to watch short videos

Than to read long articles. creativity. In the video, you can use different styles of animation, visualization, voice-over. As a result, the video will be  remembered for a long time. Versatility. You can use explainer videos on your online store’s website, social media communities, email newsletters, and blogs. Explainer videos can also be used to show Ghana Phone Number List potential customers how a particular online store will solve their problems, such as product selection or fast delivery. Charts Infographics are a convenient, visual data transfer format that combines graphics with text. This format combines clean blocks of text, images, and other design elements to allow users to absorb large amounts of information quickly and easily.

Benefits of Infographics Example Infographics Simplify

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Complex facts, topics. People remember visual data more easily, so infographics grab attention quickly and are remembered for a long time. save space. Informative images are  lightweight and free up space on your website. Spread of the virus. If you get creative with your infographic, chances are users will start sharing it on their personal pages. Increase visibility of your online store. To do this, you need to add your logo, store name, and website addressbe Country List a to your infographic. This hidden advertising reduces marketing costs. Demonstration of expertise. Developing high-quality infographics is difficult due to the need to structure large amounts of data and arrange them beautifully and concisely.