Debug bar – If this option is enabled, the Elementor option in the WordPress admin bar is enabled to see which WP template or theme file is being loaded to determine if there are any conflicts. “ replace URL” tab If you need to make a complete site domain replacement or go technically called “301 redirection”), you can do this from this tab. Elementor tool replaces url “ version control” tab Elementor version control tool Roll back to previous versions:

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Sometimes Elementor crashes, crashes or anything else you want  latest database  to call it when executing a plugin update. If you encounter this situation, you can go back to the previous version as long as no other update is released to resolve the problem. You can do this with the free and professional versions. Become a Beta Tester: If you want to become an Elementor Beta Tester, you can activate this option here. “

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maintenance mode” tab Elementor tool maintenance mode Select mode: Here you can decide whether you want to put the website in “ mode” or ” maintenance“ mode in ” construction. Who can access: In this option you can decide which WordPress roles have access to the  Country List  backend when the site is being built or maintained. Select the template: Use Elementor Design“ is building a ” or “ maintenance” page, and then select it here.

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