Tool generated relatively low revenue for them

Course not? It’s the same thing with our friend Google. In the end, we are talking about a vicious circle: Google delivers the best answers; user trusts Google; search engine gains reputation; advertiser values this reputation; Google sells ads. So, the biggest search engine in the world can never stop offering organic search. And above

Suffice it to say that instagram is equipp with technology

Suffice it to say that instagram is equipp with technology that scans every image upload to its network to “Read” it and understand what it contains.Do you ne support to grow your business on social mia and reach new customers? Contact us now and together we will define the right strategy for your company/profession. When

Shows the content description in case the image

Shows the content description in case the image fails to load;It supports the algorithm to understand what is represent in the image.Making images scannable and readable represents a revolution and a great advantage to integrate into seo strategies for instagram. Playing a crucial role in page optimization.GeotagThe “Near me” tool has increasingly establish itself in

Rich in well-distribut and harmoniously integrat keywords

Rich in well-distribut and harmoniously integrat keywords. Simple and original contents. Capable of maximizing engagement and giving the algorithm a clear and easy reading to be index.HashtagHashtags. To contribute to indexing. Must be insert in the caption and not in the comments.Citing instagram. The best hashtags are:RelevantMix between well-known. Niche and specific3 to 5 maximumNot

Instagram begins to search for the corresponding

Instagram begins to search for the corresponding keyword among the username. Captions. Bio and geotags in its database . It is clear that seo activities are fundamental to improving your positioning and being found at the right time by the right person.Instagram does not require complex seo application strategies. But it is good to know

Ebertlang puts his foot on the accelerator of international expansion

In recent years, merger & acquisition (m&a) operations in the it channel have skyrocket. Experts prict that the manag it services market will reach $329.1 billion by 2025.  Underscoring an industry experiencing strong growth and consolidation. In 2019, more than two-thirds of msps consider being acquir by larger . Companies, and 20% of companies consider

Build your marketing strategy and supercharge your MSP growth

As in any commercial activity, even in the msp market it is necessary to face . And counter strong competition every day . In order to be able to keep one’s customers close and attract.  New ones. To gain a competitive advantage, stand out from the competition, generate and convert.  As many leads as possible,

The three pillars of a profitable MSP

In today’s competitive landscape, msps like you find themselves facing many difficult obstacles. Each of these challenges is an additional concern with impacts on profitability.  That should not be underestimat; not to mention . Constantly keeping an eye on cash flow: 69% of entrepreneurs.  Fear losing their business due to lack of available liquidity. There