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Appearing on Google is no longer an option for companies nowadays. Everyone, from a child to an elderly person, knows and uses the search engine, and knows how it makes life easier by providing the best answers to any question. However, most companies are still trying to understand how this business of positioning themselves on Google works, and end up confusing the two most common types of search that are offered: organic search; paid search. And of course, as the search engine is based on advertising (as are several other vehicles, such as television, radio, etc.), many already assume that, to appear first, it is necessary to pay more.

Not much different from

As if it wasn’t already confusing enough, experts and agencies point out two work fronts for decision-makers: SEO : make the website appear in organic (non-paid) search; Google Ads: advertise to appear in paid search. As we said, Google is a vehicle. In the eyes of companies, not much different from a TV station or radio channel. And then, especially when seeing the  new data SEO discipline, managers turn up their noses and ask themselves: “But doesn’t advertising on Google help SEO? Can’t I pay and resolve this at once?” Quick answer: no, you can’t . But let’s explain better.

The two search modalities are essentially

Appearing on Google: organic vs paid The two search modalities are essentially different, and therefore should be considered for your business separately. If your Country List goal is to define which one is best for you, I suggest taking a look at this article. Here, the objective is to explain this difference in a simple way, to illustrate why advertising on Google and SEO are initiatives that can complement each other, but whose influence on each other is restricted and does not depend solely on the advertiser’s money . To make it easier to visualize, let’s look directly at Google:  Organic search and paid  search – preview Now I’m sure you remembered, correct? The ads are usually these first, and they are properly identified. 

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