Therefore, Marketing funnels are visual representations of the stages a customer goes through, from first learning about your brand to becoming a customer. Each marketing funnel is split into three stages: Top of the funnel (TOFU) Middle of the funnel (MOFU) Bottom of the funnel (BOFU) Today, we’ll be talking about top-of-the-funnel marketing. What is top-of-the-Top-of-the refers to the marketing strategies and tactics used to create awareness of your brand or product. TOFU is the content you create—be it a PPC ad or a blog article—that gets your brand in front of new potential customers.

TOFU content is

Important because it’s often the broadest marketing strategy, i.e., the more prospects at the top, the more customers at the bottom (usually). Additionally, generating executive email list awareness about your product/service helps to generate the need for it. For example, let’s say you sell wild-caught canned tuna. Your TOFU content can be a blog post about the issues with farm-raised tuna, sharing why it’s a problem and why wild-caught tuna is better for you and the environment. This blog post plants the seed in potential customers’ minds that they may want to start buying wild-caught tuna over farm-raised ones.

Funnel Marketing MOFU content

Therefore, Can be a blog post discussing the different companies that. Catch wild tuna and their practices, and BOFU content can be. A post talking about why your Country List company has the best. Tuna and fixes the problems other companies create. With MOFU and BOFU content, you’re competing. With other companies for the customers’ attention. But with TOFU content, you’re catching them before they’re even aware of your. Competitors and building trust with them before they get to the research. And purchase stages, increasing your chances of capturing the final sale.

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