Will artificial intelligence be able to buy for us

If you have read any of my articles on artificial intelligence and more specifically on generative artificial intelligence (ChatGPT, Bard and similar), you already know that it is something that I find spectacular. But I think there is still time for this technology to start providing real value and much more for it to start changing things. So that you can think about the time left for this to happen.

How will we apply artificial intelligence to the purchasing process

How will we apply artificial intelligence to the purchasing top industry data process ? But as I have said more than once, we have to train now to be ready when it really comes to our daily lives. In this sense, I really like Jeremiah Owyang ‘s reflection on the role that generative artificial intelligence could have in the purchasing process . The basic approach is that artificial intelligence will be able to guide us in the sales process in a proactive way. Let’s see what he means.

Able to buy for us in the purchase funnel

Artificial intelligence in the purchase funnel Knowledge : the expected Country List future of AI is that based on our data it understands what we need and anticipates our needs. Now we can ask ChatGPT for suggestions on choosing the best running shoes, but what would happen if the AI ​​knew when we were going to need them and suggested the most suitable model for us based on our data.

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