As a busy social media manager, you can’t spend all your time posting updates on the fly. With engagement rates to measure, social strategies to develop, and content calendars to maintain, it makes sense to invest in a substantial schedule for social media — and save your time for other responsibilities. What is bulk scheduling? Social media bulk scheduling is the practice of organizing and scheduling multiple posts ahead of time. (With Hootsuite, you can bulk organize up to 350 posts at once!) With bulk scheduling, you can: Freeing up time and resources to focus on other areas of your role or business.

Import the Csv File Into Hootsuite

Improve and strengthen social media campaign planning Plan ahead for time-sensitive content Post when your audience is active and online (no more last-minute scrambling to gather assets and post now) Multiple schedules make daily posting easy  and take the worry out of keeping up with your social media calendar. On a given day you will know Belarus Phone Number List exactly how many posts to publish and when. Let’s dive in and see exactly how to bulk schedule social media posts with Hootsuite. How to schedule social media posts in 5 easy steps First, you need to sign up for a Hootsuite account or log in if you already use the platform. Visual learners, watch the video below to learn how to bulk schedule your social media posts with.

One Size Does Not Fit All

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Download Hootsuite’s bulk composer file If you want to create and organize social media posts in Hootsuite, you need to follow a few simple preparation steps, starting with preparing a CSV file of a lot of posts to upload to Hootsuite Open your Hootsuite dashboard. On the left, click Publisher . In the top Publisher menu, click Content . From the Content menu, click More Composers on the right. Click the Download example button on the right side be Country List a of the screen. Open the downloaded CSV file in a program that supports .csv files, for example, Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel.

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