Stories disappear after 24 hours. But with a solid understanding of Instagram Story analytics, you can be sure they have a lasting impact. With top-of-the-line feed placement, links, and interactive stickers. Instagram Stories is the primary channel for brands to drive awareness, traffic, sales, and engagement. Learn how to measure Instagram Stories analytics and what metrics to . Look for so you can optimize stories to reach your goals. How to view Instagram Story analytics There are a few ways to view analytics for Instagram Stories. Let’s take a look at them below. But first, make sure you have an Instagram Business or Creator account. Without one, you can’t access analytics. How to view Instagram Story analytics in Instagram Insights From the Instagram app.

Another Way to Look at Instagram Story 

Go to your profile. Click the view button above your Story Ideas. Go back to your Shared Content and click the arrow next to Stories . Instagram insights – overview screen Instagram Insights – select time frame Then, click the drop-down menu Bahamas Phone Number List in the upper left corner of the screen to select the metric you want to access. Back Call Button Taps Click the email button came out Follows Next story Business Address Taps feeling Rohy Clicks Forward Profile visit Tonga Replies shared Text Button Taps Website Taps Relationship History Once you select the time frame and metrics.

Instagram Stories Analysis Research Metrics

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You can scroll through all Stories to see how many interactions each one has collected. Instagram Insights – see the reach of each story You can also click on All Stories and swipe up to see detailed analytics. in view of Instagram Insights – analysis of each story To view poll results or other posting activity, click the eye icon next to the feedback icon (it looks like a bar chart). Instagram Insights Stories poll results How   to view Instagram Story analytics in Hootsuite To view Instagram story analytics in Hootsuite, add the Panoramiq Insights app to be Country List a your dashboard. This simple add-on will give you access to in-depth historical analysis. With access to insights from your social media accounts in one place, you’ll see your strategy at all times.

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