You should only make sales posts rarely

 If the reader stays for a very short time (less than a minute), then I recommend reading this post ” Instant exit in percentages – How to turn a random visitor into a committed reader “. For example, even if 0.1% of readers come to the blog from Instagram, they stay a minute longer than those who come from Facebook. Although a minute may seem like a short time, in the blogging world it’s really a lot.  reader will read the post more deeply and will probably join the email list, forward the post or buy a product from the store.

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This is how you use Google Analytics to increase the number of readers You can find this latest database information like this: Acquisition –> All traffic –> Channels –> by clicking on the Social link Landing Pages = Landing Pages This tells you through which post or website the reader gets to know your blog first. These posts and pages form the first impression of you. It is therefore important that they include: useful content easy to read through or glance at include a sign-up gift and the opportunity to join the email list contain links to other useful posts Also pay attention to how long time is spent on these posts. Think about what added value you can add or update to your post so that the reader stays with the post longer This is how you use Google Analytics to increase the number of readers This can be found like this: Behavior –> Site Content –>  way to the blog through a post that is no longer relevant or not related to the current topic of your blog, think about whether you can renew the post completely or delete the post.

Homepages If the reader finds his

Deleting a post is of course a drastic measure and I don’t recommend it unless absolutely necessary. For example, if the majority of readers came to my blog through an old financial post, I would delete the post entirely. Those interested in finance are not necessarily interested in bloggers, so they do not get any other benefit from the blog. Computer vs. Mobile = Desktop vs Mobile An increasing number of people read blogs on a mobile device. This is important to know and be aware of, because not all blogs behave the same when Country List read on a computer as they do on a mobile phone. For example, on my blog, 62.15% of readers use a mobile device.

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