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 But this is not the same as creating a website with WordPress as a CMS  content management system  and including a blog within it. In fact. at  we advise you to create your website with WordPress without hesitation. >If you are still not convince by WordPress. don’t miss this article< advantages wordpress design So what is a blog? A blog is a website on which articles are publishe with a certain frequency by one or more authors and on a specific topic. On the one hand. we can find web pages that are simply blogs and web pages that include a blog section.


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When creating a website for a company it is very interesting to add a blog within the website itself. Because? A corporate Netherlands Telegram Number Data website is something static and without dynamism. It is not going to be the same as an online store in which new products are uploade from time to time. By not having a series of publications. Managed by My Son you will not generate as large a volume of traffic as can be achieve with an online blog. Thus. when creating a website for a company. I recommend including a blog in which articles relate to the sector are publishe .

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Calendar which in turn is base on a series of keywords for which the business wants to position itself in search engines. If all this sounds like Colombia Telegram Number List Chinese to you. don’t miss the following article on how to increase visits to a blog Managed by My Son. How to create a web page? This question is one of the most searche on Google by users and it is not easy to answer. since creating a website requires having a series of knowlege and experience. Nowadays and with the appearance of the Internet. ‘Do it Yourself’ is becoming more and more common.

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