Respond to reviews posted on your Google My Business page. By answering it, you show that you take it into account and you will be better referenced. Be sure to include this information on your website as well. Also, as we’ve seen, a lot of searches are done via smartphones, so make sure your site is mobile-friendly. We are more and more on social networks, we are bombarded with advertising messages and our attention is reduced. If you want to reach your target on social networks, choose a striking visual to catch the eye. Too many words kill words. Nowadays, we use less and less words.

Changing Google Algorithms

According to Google, people want to find the information they are looking for as quickly as possible. The speed of your site will no longer only have an influence on your position in search engines  on the desktop version, but it will also be importantfor the positioning of your mobile site. However, this speed update will only affect the slowest sites and Greece Phone Number List a small portion of searches. This change will be in a standard format regardless of the medium used to create your site. Google nevertheless confirms that it does not want to penalize pages with interesting content. The relevance of the content always has its place in the calculation of your position.

How to optimize your site?

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This tool allows you to know your performance on your desktop version as well as on your mobile version. In addition to knowing your current performance, this tool suggests changes to  improve your current performance. From a mobile user experience perspective, the difference won’t be much other than the fact that the sites you visit should be slightly faster. The creators of these sites still need to optimize performance. This is an extension forbe Country List a Google Chrome allowing you to scan your site in real time and see what elements need to be modified to make your site faster. Although there are no tools to see if your site will be impacted by this new change.

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