It has long been a part of human life and every day its popularity is growing. And in NFT tokens, “non-fungibility” plays the main role. If you look around and carefully look at the things that surround us, then most of them have the same property. Everything about cryptocurrency from “A” to “Z”: cryptocurrency, mining, blockchain, cryptocurrency fork Everything about cryptocurrency from “A” to “Z”: cryptocurrency, mining, blockchain, cryptocurrency fork After all, what does non-interchangeability essentially mean? Take elementary examples from life – our apartment, shoes and clothes, a cell phone, a car, which at the time of purchase were ordinary, or even thousands of other models.

NFT token property

But in the process of our use, each made this thing unique to him. What is a token The token has an English origin from the word Token and  means an identification mark, a symbol.  The technology named last implies decentralization in its Special Database essence, namely: the conduct of all financial transactions without strict control of interested financial institutions, without the participation of intermediaries. Token – casino chips? Token – casino chip.

What is a token

Special Database

Blockchain technology provides storage of data on all ongoing transactions on millions of computers connected to this technology, which makes it much more difficult to fake any information or steal money. The very first currency closely associated with the use of blockchain technology was bitcoin. This is a digital virtual Internet currency that be Country List a does not have a material form. It doesn’t physically exist. In certain registries, called the blockchain, all data is stored, which takes into account the number of monetary units of each user and when and where transfers are made. These operations are similar to cashless payments in a store with a bank card, while there is also no cash, only the operations carried out do not go through banks and do not leave any traces there.

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