Now Is the Age of Smartphone Photography

A sharp photo does not always mean a good photo.

But a good picture will often radiate emotion, soul, and life.

Advantages of Smartphones for Photography
If we want to be creative every day with photography, we must “optimize” the size and weight of our camera.

It is better to have a small camera (we can take it wherever we go) even with a little less image quality..

Capturing the moment is the most important thing really.

Identify What Is The Main Purpose We Want To Take Pictures

Everyone has creativity to produce pictures.

We all may have different reasons for Whatsapp Mobile Number List taking photos.

Either to document meaningful personal moments, or to capture something.

Or we want to share the beautiful moments of our daily life with others, to motivate, or inspire?
There is no right or wrong answer here.

But please think deeply about this question before we proceed.

What If My Smartphone Is Too Outdated?
The evolution of smartphone technology is too fast.

The fact is, every 6 months our smartphones will be outdated.

There will always be newer, better, and more powerful smartphones out there.

My simple suggestion is: always try to get the best smartphone in your budget range.

Some people may be able to afford RM1k, while others may be able to afford up to RM3k.

Or just use the smartphone we already have.

Honestly don’t let your smartphone’s picture quality hold you back

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Just think of it as a “creative constraint” – meaning, we Country List need to focus more on the technique of capturing good light, emotion and the right moment.

If you can capture great photos with a crappy smartphone, you’ll master photography in no time.

Isn’t Smartphone Picture Quality Not Good Enough?
smartphone photography
Among the examples of photos I took using a smartphone. However, The quality is almost as good as a real camera right?
Many people are too obsessed with “image quality” in terms of sharpness , resolution, and “bokeh” blurred background effect.

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