The True Meaning of Patience actually patient

Is learning to accept anything?

The meaning of patience can also be understood and interpreted as “surviving”

People who are patient can refrain from doing something that God does not like.

In difficult times, patient people do not complain, do not think negatively about God, and do not give up worshiping God.

In a happy moment patience means we are able to refrain from using

All God’s favors to do things He has forbidden. Patience Latest Mailing Database also means to continue worshiping Him earnestly just like when times are difficult, and not letting good times make us lazy and neglectful to worship.

Patience also means standing firm in life.

No matter what tests are thrown in our lives, if we have patience, we will continue to obey and worship God, and not do things that He forbids.

Patience has two categories..
First be patient as usual we always do.

Like, endure the pain of a suspicion, patiently endure anger, harbor feelings, harbor pain. The usual patience.

But the second patience is Patience with beautiful patience.

A person of this type, he accepts any misfortune with joy.

Kind of like a kid getting candy or more than that.

And he thinks, if he is patient, God will raise his rank.

In life in this mortal world, we have to always be Husnuzon with Allah.

Everything happen for a reason or what Islam taught us that everything

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That happened in our lives might hiding some Country List hikmah and yes Allah know best.

With a smartphone, it will always be with us (either in a pocket or a bag).

So we have no excuse not to take pictures.

How do I know all this?

In the past, when I only depended on DSLR cameras, I always missed a lot of interesting moments because I would often leave the camera at home or it was lying around in a bag.

Furthermore, to transfer pictures from the camera to the computer is a laborious process.

We also need additional editing software such as Photoshop and Lightroom to polish our photos.

That does not include the learning curve that is difficult to master using these softwares.

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