The problem, however, is that so many officers are not under executive direction. As a consequence, executive management is not informd about the GDPR compliance work for which it is responsible. a senior manager, Formal structures should be establishd to ensure engagement and exchange of information/reports between the dPS and top management, Awareness of the role of the Data Protection Officer in the company should be built.

The method of carrying out the inspection

His competences and other employees in the field of personal data protection should be increasd, It is recommendd to establish database contact with other Inspectors in order to exchange information and update knowldge in the field of personal data protection, It is possible to contact the Norwegian authority in order to obtain advice and guidance in the field of the GDPR, which the authority encourages.


Procedures The employer should adapt

Summary Not only in Poland, the personal data protection. Authority verifies the manner in which the function of the DPO Country List is exercisd. Last year, the Norwegian office sent questionnaires to Data Protection Officers. Basd on the answers providd, he creatd a report from which we can read that as many as 65% of Inspectors do not prepare any regular written reports for the company’s management, and 5% of Inspectors do not know who they report to or have no one to report their work to.

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