Vincent van Gogh was born on March 30, 1853 in Zundert, the Netherlands. His father, Theo van Gogh, was a Protestant pastor. In London, Vincent initially lived a carefree life, enjoying the city’s sights, art galleries and museums. He fell in love with the owner’s daughter, which was met with great disappointment. Due to the fact that the woman of his life was engaged to another man, young Van Gogh became quiet and sullen.

Biography of the Legendary Criminal

He soon left for Paris. During his stay in London and Paris, the young artist saw the plight of a poor city in which he wanted to serve humanity. Lermontov – biography of the hero NOT of our time In 1876 he moved again to England where he taught at schools in Ramsgate and Isleworth near London. In early 1877 he returned to the Netherlands and Fax Lists began working there in a bookstore in Dordrecht before moving to Amsterdam where he entered the seminary. However, this teaching was not for him, and he left it rather quickly. He then returned to his family home for a while and, after spending several months at an evangelical school in Brussels, became a lay preacher in the Borinage. Then he worked very hard, almost completely devoting himself to the local community.

The Life of a Great Vocalist

Fax Lists

Helping others, he lived in extreme poverty. For the next year he lived in the Borinage, finding solace in drawing. In the summer of 1880 he decided to become an artist. Creation Van Gogh spent a lot of time copying the works of prominent artists and Country List drawing. Initially, he was engaged only in drawing – he even wanted to become an illustrator. In fact, it was not until the end of 1881 that he began to paint his first oil paintings. He traveled to The Hague where he met Christian Maria Horneck (named Sine), a poor seamstress, sometimes a prostitute out of necessity, with whom he lived for almost a year.

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