It is the means for decision-makers to exchange.Share and reflect on these subjects related to. The commercial function and its adaptation to changes. Michel brébion , ceo winbound and organizer of. Inbound marketing france michel brébion is ceo of the winbound .Agency and founder of the inbound marketing france event. This event aims to share and help to better understand all the levers of digital to develop its activity.

The debate about the actions carried

It is part of the desire to transmit practices and testify to their success through feedback. This period of confinement has made it possible to develop a multitude of digital content , the fruit of the boundless creativity of whatsapp mobile number list professionals, with the aim of supporting customers and continuing to prove their expertise. We will talk again during the debate about the actions carried out by DCF during the confinement. Groups of Business Leaders in France have developed their workshops, interviews or online webinars to help each other and share ideas and practices to limit the effects of this crisis in their businesses. These subjects remain topical in the post-crisis period to think about and implement.

This debate will take stock of what happened

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The right actions that will allow the activity to be relaunched . This is the whole purpose of this debate, we would like to share with you the feedback from the various Country List speakers on the actions carried out and explain the new relational functioning that is taking place. You will be able to better understand what you can put in place in your companies. This debate will take stock of what happened to salespeople during confinement. We will come back to the evolution of the relationship with customers and the right ways to approach prospects. These new identified practices will be sources of inspiration for the months to come and will allow you to consider your recovery plans with specific actions, success factors.