What is People’s Business Credit MSME Entrepreneurs Must Know

People’s Business Credit (KUR) is a type of credit given by banks to small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in Indonesia. The aim of KUR is to help SMEs grow their business, by providing access to the financial resources to purchase equipment, expand operations, or develop new products or services. download the bookshop application The KUR program is for small and medium enterprises consisting of: Micro Enterprises: businesses that have a turnover of less than Rp.50 million per year Small Business: businesses that have a turnover of between Rp. 50 million to Rp. 500 million per year Medium Enterprises: businesses that have a turnover of between Rp. 500 million to Rp.

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Including Indonesian citizen who is at least 18 years old Have a business that has been running for at least 1 year Not being in the list of debtors of Bank Indonesia Already have NPWP (Taxpayer Identification Number) Have a valid Company Registration Certificate (TDP) or Business License (SIU).Have a savingsaccount at a bank with Bank Loan Phone Number List Indonesia In some cases, SME entrepreneurs may also be to provide guarantees or collateral to obtain KUR. The guarantee or collateral is usually in the form of assets by the entrepreneur, such as land, houses or business equipment. Conditions of Business Credit in Indonesia According to the Bank Indonesia Banking Survey.

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New credit distribution in the third quarter of 2022 grew positively. Loan weighted balance (wnb) of 88.1%, which continued to .Grow positively, although lower than the previous quarter. Of 96.9%.There are indications of new loan growth occurring for all types of use. Therefore ,Reflected in the positive wnb value. The survey results show that respondents remain optimistic .About future credit growth. Respondents  predict credit growth .In 2022 of 8.5% (yoy) or an increase compared to 5.2% (yoy) .Growth in 2021. To get business credit, there are several steps you can take. Including objectives, target market, budget and profit be Country List a projections. Find out the terms and policies for granting credit. Every bank or financial institution has different terms and policies for. Granting business loans. Look for this information before starting the credit.

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