What is telepsychology and what are its benefits

Technologies have represented a true revolution for the provision of health services. To know what telepsychology is, it is essential to know the general bases of telemedicine. As well as the services that can be provided remotely, maintaining the quality of the therapeutic service.

What is telepsychology
Telepsychology refers to psychologic therapy that is carried out through online means, and therefore does not require the physical presence of the person receiving the therapy.

Telepsychology emerges as a more agile alternative to conventional therapy. Many psychology professionals have adopted the use of online media to care for patients for years, however, as of 2020, a boom in this type of therapy has developed due to the impact of confinements.

How telepsychology is applied

Once we know what telepsychology is, the next step is to evaluate its practical application in the clinic itself.

Psychological therapy consists of a call lists for sale dialogue, in which. The psychologist and patient reach agreements that will have a positive impact on the patient’s behavior. This dialogue can be carri out in a face-to-face space, or it can be develop with the help of digital media.

Therefore, for the application of telepsychology treatments it will be essential to have adequate software and hardware, which will allow us to create the necessary space to develop online therapy.

The hardware can  given by differe devices, among the most common, the computer, tablet or mobile phone.


Security and processing of patient personal data

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All aspects related to the application of digital resources to health therapies must be prepar to protect patient information.

There is a legal framework in force both in Spain, through the Organic Data Protection Law, and in the territory of the European Union, through the General Data Protection Regulation. Both standards regulate, precisely, the qualities that the telematic means that we apply in the healthcare environment must have. 

It is very important to insist on the importance Country List of data protection, whenever we use digital media aimed at developing psychological therapy. Clinic Cloud includes all the necessary online security means, so you can protect both your clinic information and your patients’ data.

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