What types of orthodontics exist

There are different types of orthodontics and techniques that orthodontists use to correct the placement and alignment of teeth to ensure better aesthetics and oral health. Such are the various options that in many cases one does not know what type of orthodontics will suit their oral needs.

There are different factors that influence the choice of one or another technique, from the patient’s lifestyle to any anomaly that may affect his well-being. One of the objectives of Clinic Cloud is to inform you enough so that you can guide your decision when consulting with a dental specialist about what type of orthodontics is best for you.

What type of orthodontics is best for you

Fixed orthodontics are those that include techniques that use multibrackets, that is, the classic brackets that are glued to the teeth for life. Although it could  be considered the least how to buy phone numbers in bulk aesthetic type of orthodontics, advances in medical-dental science have achiev an important evolution, both ornamental and functional.

As its name indicates, this type of orthodontics cannot be remov by the patient, since it remains fixed. It can only be handl in consultation by the professionals and specialists of the dental clinic.

Currently, there are several types of practical, with smaller and more invisible models. The types of fix orthodontics are classifi according to the material used and the place where they will be plac. Some of them are.

Metal brackets
Among fix orthodontics, it is the most traditional and the one that most people tend to know about. They are quite resistant, especially against bumps, bites or certain foods and it is one of the most economical models.

How to choose a good orthodontist

Knowing what type of orthodontics is most appropriate for your profile depends on several factors. For example, you have to study the condition of your teeth and the result you want to obtain, if you want a long-lasting or faster treatment, how important aesthetics is to you, if you are willing to go to the dentist several times or how far your teeth go. economic capabilities.

Lingual braces: Among all the types, this may be the least comfortable. In addition, it is more difficult to maintain hygiene and its pronunciation is noticeable. Aesthetically, they are not visible and emergency visits only Country List occur sometimes. They have high efficiency, are only applicable to adults, require more and longer visits to the dentist, and are one of the most expensive models on the market.

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