In ancient times the buying and selling process was still done conventionally. Everything has changed with the existence of technology, everything that was originally offline has now turned online. The buying and selling process is now done by building an online store. The existence of an online store has an increasing variety of choices for people to make transactions.

Building an online store, you need to determine a cms (content management system) that is suitable for the store. In the following, we provide a brief review of the free cms recommendations for creating online stores for online store businesses in indonesia.

5 Free Cms Recommendations for Creating Online Stores 02

Woocommerce is a plugin enabled on wordpress , the most popular content management system (cms). This plugin adds ecommerce Colombia Mobile Number List features to the wordpress platform. The wordpress dashboard is easy enough to customize for beginners who want to learn it. The combination of wordpress and user-friendly ecommerce features makes for the best platform for your online business.

Woocommerce is perfect for novice users because of its easy-to-understand features.
It has an extensive wordpress user community so you can explore and explore how the wordpress cms works easily.
It has a variety of themes so you can set up your online store the way you want.
Woocommerce has social media optimization features that are useful for increasing website value as well as sales. This will have an impact on online store marketing.
Plugins are available for free so you can save money.

Requires a Lot of Extensions if You Want to Add Advanced Functionality

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If you are looking for simple and easy-to-use online shop cms, then woocommerce is the answer. It’s just that scaling this platform requires some extensions.
2. Prestashop
5 free cms recommendations for creating online stores 03
Prestashop is a cms that has very dynamic features so it can pamper sellers and buyers. No need to be confused with complicated features, sellers can organize their wares properly.

Has a display that is easy for users to understand.
Customizable groceries check out feature.
Having an analytics system and calculating goods tax without having to install a plugin.
Prestashop is a free cms that provides integrated features into software and is 100% free. So you can save on your expenses.
Prestashop has features Country List that can facilitate businesses to become bigger, for example; inventory management, online export via ebay, choice of the number of pages for each product, product download feature, unlimited choice of product ranges, categories and product attributes.
Has multi language and multi currency features for purchases.

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