For you active instagram users, you must have read or heard instructions like the following.

“For more details, click the link in bio!” must have right?

Instagram biography or often abbreviated as instagram bio is part of the instagram profile page that contains brief information about the account.

The arrangement consists of name, account type, short description, and at the bottom is a column where you can add a link.

In the link column, you can add a link to your blog, website, or even your online store.

Because of its location in the instagram bio, that’s why the link is often called the instagram bio link.

Nice Link for Instagram Bio Besides Linktree

In the following, we provide a list of applications other than linktree, complete with excellent features and prices.

The first application other than linktree is allmylinks. This application can be an interesting place to put important links that you have.

Allmylinks looks like a twitter Greece B2B List account profile. Starting from the username , profile photo, to the header image.
Beacons is a platform for creators founded by 4 friends while they were attending stanford university. They believe that everyone has the same opportunity to develop themselves with the passion they have, and beacons provides features that support this.

The way to arrange it is fairly easy, you just have to add a new section, then choose the type of blocks you want and finally add a link to it.

There Are Also Themes That You Can Use When You Have Subscribe

Greece B2B List

Biolinky is widely used by online business owners to display links to their online stores on platforms such as shopee, tokopedia, and others.

By organizing your links well, it will be easier for potential customers to find your online store. Have you tried biolinky?
Campsite.Bio in terms of features and appearance can be said to be similar to linktree. A standout feature in campsite.Bio is the automated instagram grid , which allows you to display instagram posts on your campsite.Bio page.

Contactinbio is a very suitable software for you to make a link in your instagram.

You can make a kind of your own landing page without the need to do coding and the like.

Apart from that, you can simultaneously market your product online by adding it to the contactinbio page.

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