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Protect the details. Many times small details hinder the information architecture. The architect and the platform manager, then, must be clear with the choice of labels, with the naming of the content, with the words and forms used to communicate. If you do not pay attention to these small details, the information architecture will be

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Likewise navigation routes serve to make. The transit through information natural and simple. The main navigation systems are hierarchical. In conclusion, when the information is nested in folders and subfolders  matrix  when multiple hierarchical criteria are used or contextual  when the degree of relevance between the contents is used to suggest navigation . The system

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Plan manage and develop each content that will be available on the website. Simplify the interfaces for searching content within the website. Ensure excellent website usability on all devices. Guarantee accessibility to the website from any type of device or connection. Based on the results, provide feedback on each of the website optimization processes. Recommended

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However it was not until 1998 that and peter published information. Architecture for the world wide web known as the “polar bear book. Document the term was adapted to the field of website design and the foundations of this discipline were laid. Since then, the main objective of information architecture was to facilitate understanding and

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The interaction of people with products or services through devices. And in the second, it is the review and analysis of the perception—positive or negative—of people when they interact with products or services through devices. In short, user experience is a discipline of the digital world that serves to plan and analyze the interaction between

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decision Us to -making stages or – except in certain circumstances – to ask for further information or assistance on the product before proceeding with the purchase . The channeling and purchasing phase is rather rapid. On the contrary, if we think about the website of acompany that sells B2B wood cutting machines, the user

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is often Only in  shorter and simpler, but still requires special attention. It involves fewer decision makers and requires a more general approach to segmentation. Digital lenses Can companies in the B2B and B2C market have common objectives? Absolutely yes, or rather, there can be affinity but also contrast. Let’s think about subscribing to the

We Are Not Just Talking About Products or Services

But  interest We Are Not in understanding whether this is the right offer for his nes ( interest phase ). It is easy to understand how this is a truly delicate phase because if the information is not well organis, clear and fast, the user will abandon browsing. The third phase concerns choice. The user

Moment and on What We Offer to the User.

companies that operate in the digital world and beyond. The topic of B2B  Moment and  and B2C marketing funnels is often mistakenly introducby incorporating the two concepts into a single customer journey . In this article we will try to understand what the marketing funnel is and why it would be appropriate to talk about

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Sometimes this information isn’t clear until well into the interview process. Be upfront. Talk about your health insurance. Leave policies. Tuition reimbursements. Or anything else you offer employees. Brings in more applicants. Specific benefits can be deal breakers for many people. And they’ll apply if they know you offer it. Reinforces your brand as an

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Conscious companies can place individual job listings for free. But likin recruiter offers the best value for full. Feature talent management. Besides job listings. Recruiter allows you to message any linkin user. Access advance search parameters. And connect to your hr platform. Using recruiter can boost message response rates by and spe up the recruiting