Us to Help a B2b or B2c Company

decision Us to -making stages or – except in certain circumstances – to ask for further information or assistance on the product before proceeding with the purchase . The channeling and purchasing phase is rather rapid. On the contrary, if we think about the website of acompany that sells B2B wood cutting machines, the user will not access the site ready to convert or with

Analyzing User Behavior from the Initial

Motivation behind the conversion What is the motivation that drives a B2B user and a B2C user into the marketing funnel? The B2C user makes a purchase to satisfy a completely personal need as in the example in the previous paragraph. On the contrary, the B2B public bases its evaluation on a business need. This is perhaps the main difference or in any case the one that allows us to best understand the behavior along the channeling process. Relationship with the

Final Action Is Essential in Order to Create a

buciness database

the intention of completing it. The decision-making phase Country List  preceding the action phase in this case will be rather long and elaborate. Let’s also not forget that often, behind the B2B consumer there is actually a group of consumers, which makes the timing longer and more complex.

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