8 Smart Ways to Use LinkedIn for Business

As well as being a channel that leads to a history of your expertise, linkedin can help your business grow and expand the reach of its operations. While many companies already have linkedin pages and lists of positions they have open on them, there are plenty of other ways to use all the tools the platform has to offer .

Below, are 8 smart ways entrepreneurs share are using linkedin to their advantage. For the savvy business owner, there’s a lot more to consider on linkedin than just industry connections. Here’s how to smartly use linkedin for business according to the young entrepreneur council .
According to codie sanchez, marketing has the same position as content. So take advantage of linkedin’s ability to publish original content that focuses on your expertise and industry authority.

You Can Publish Your Own Articles Instead of Sharing Links to Articles

2. Participate in groups
When you publish content on linkedin, it’s a way of building trust with fellow linkedin users. Said joey kercher, founder and ceo of air fresh marketing, this is to encourage users to take advantage of other people’s content to start a conversation.

“I like to start conversations in Costa Rica B2B List groups by sharing content relevant to my industry,” he says. “this takes time and requires a commitment, however, a way to stay engaged and up to date on what’s happening in the industry with potential partners.

In addition to participating in linkedin groups, you can also create and manage groups for your own brand . Serenity gibbons, local unit lead at the naacp, believes that business-to-business (b2b) companies and nonprofits could see more engagement with their linkedin network if they increased their group activity.

He Adds That Linkedin Groups Are a Place to Share and Gather Information

B2b Email List

Sweta patel, founder of silicon valley startup marketing, recommends focusing on sponsored linkedin posts if you want your brand to receive a lot of attention.

“sponsored posts will help you be more discoverable by audiences related to your topic, compared to everyone else in your network Country List he says. “if you want to tailor your articles to people who may be interested in your articles, this is the perfect way to do it.”

5. Share video content
Most marketers know the value of video content in today’s modern world. Chris quiocho, founder and ceo of offland media, believes impactful videos on linkedin can boost a b2b enterprise presence, especially since the linkedin platform recently updated its targeting tools and promoted content service.

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