9 Word Processing Software Besides Microsoft Word

The first word processing program other than microsoft word was apache openoffice writer.

Apache openoffice writer is open source software which was originally developed only for the linux operating system.

However, seeing the needs of users, this software was eventually developed until it could finally be used on various operating systems such as mac and windows.

This word processing software began releasing its stable version, namely version 4.1.2 at the end of 2015.

You can use apache Office Writer to process office data in the format of text, diagrams, tables and much more.

It’s No Secret That Apple Always Presents Very Useful Products for Its Ecosystem

The first thing that distinguishes apple pages from microsoft word is the price. You can use apple pages for free without needing a subscription.

Apple pages will give you a different experience when creating or editing your documents.

This is of course because it looks very simple, easy to understand, but powerful enough to support your work.

Microsoft word competitor application made by dropbox

Dropbox paper: microsoft word competitor application made by dropbox
Dropbox paper is not just a Romania B2B List word processing alternative to microsoft word. It’s an editing tool that brings you to create and collaborate together in one place.

You can make meeting notes, plan new product launches, brainstorm ideas, creative briefs and much more.

In appearance, dropbox paper is clearly much more attractive than microsoft word. For those of you who have use notion, the appearance of the two software is practically similar.

Some of the Main Features That Dropbox Paper Has Include

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You won’t have any trouble if you plan to move from microsoft word to freeoffice, because in appearance it’s almost the same, you could even say the same.

One of the advantages of freeoffice textmaker that you might consider is the performance of the application which is quite light when use.

Curious what features this software has? Here are various features that you can use in freeoffice textmaker.

This program made by google has been use by millions of people for various needs. Starting from typing documents, writing journals, or just writing stories and keeping them private.

When using google docs , you also don’t have to worry about losing your files because you forgot to save them. Because your document will always be saved automatically as long as your device is connected to the internet.

In addition, it’s also easier for you when you want to share or invite other people to collaborate on creating documents.
Libreoffice writer is part of libreoffice which is a suite of free and open source office applications . This software was developed by the document foundation (tdf).

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