Accounting for a dental office includes all the financial variables generated by the clinic itself. In addition to income and expenses. The accounting of a clinic integrates other variables that will allow us to correctly manage the company’s economic resources.

Clinic Cloud is a healthcare software that includes accounting options, with which you can integrate complete financial management in a digital tool. Secure and available from any device with an internet connection.What is the importance of accounting in my dental office?
Accounting for a dental office allows you to assess the current financial situation and make long-term decisions. The economic control of a health clinic specialized in dental treatments must include, financial documents, income and expenses.

How can I keep track of the accounting variables of my office

The basic accounting of a company incorporates 5 sections that allow all the company’s financial movements to be recorded.
Record books
They allow you to include all the sales and income telephone list biz that the clinic obtains through its activity, purchases and expenses, assets and fund provisions.
Diary book
The journal includes all transactions carried out daily by the clinic. It is important that all movements are correctly recorded.
Document management
Document management refers to invoices, tickets, payrolls and, in general, all digital documents generated by the company’s financial activity.

Efficient data management in accordance

One of the main advantages offered by Clinic Cloud’s dental office accounting software is the protection that all of your company’s financial data has. The Organic Law on Data Protection establishes a series of requirements that affect the health and accounting information of companies. Clinic Cloud not only establishes protection systems against attacks or unauthorized access, the software itself also carries out regular backups. , being able to recover information in situations in which an involuntary deletion of data or similar situations occurs.

One of the priorities of a dental clinic is the protection of the data of each of its patients. Clinic Cloud ensures the availability of a safe environment, appropriate Country List to your activity and adapted to the requirements of the current Organic Law on Data Protection and the European Directives referring to the processing of health data

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