Advantages of digitizing patient information

Patient information is a basic aspect in clinic management; digitization processes allow all patient data to be centraliz on a single platform, which can be work on from any device with an internet connection.

Clinic Cloud is a medical management software develop to protect patient information, facilitating the daily work of healthcare professionals.
Real-time patient data
One of the main advantages of digitizing patient data is the possibility of making real-time queries. Complete clinic information is stor in the cloud, therefore it remains accessible to all people who have a private profile.
All changes to patient records are shared instantly and can be view and modifi in real time.

Protection of patient data

A key aspect in managing patient information is digital security. There are legally establish security protocols, both by the Spanish Organic Data Protection Law and by the General phone lists for sale Data Protection Regulation from the European Union.The general intention of both laws is bas on establishing data protection strategies, favoring digital records over analog information. In turn, both legislative bodies establish a series of specific rules for digital files, paying special attention to medical data. for being especially sensitive.

File access and duplication are two of the key issues in reference to these laws. On the one hand, each user must have a private password and username.

Clinic Cloud software for patient management in the cloud

The possibility of working in the cloud allows you to manage daily healthcare tasks more effectively. The cloud is a digital space in which not only files can be upload, but it also allows you to work online and share health profiles, through a digitaliz and secure system.

Dynamic medical records not only adapt to legally prescrib conditions, they can also be customiz bas on the characteristics of each patient. To expand the information available for each profile, it is possible to use Country List anatomical models and odontograms, in the case of software for dentists. Each patient profile does not establish a maximum capacity per patient, so you can add as much information as you.

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