Accounting for dental office

The accounting of a dental clinic requires specific time and knowledge to guarantee the success of all activities related to that area.

The economic viability of the dental office depends on accounting. It is the basis for recording and controlling all economic activities, product purchases, maintenance of surgical machines and equipment, patient payments for services provided, etc.

We tell you the most notable information about the accounting of a dental office, its importance and benefits.

What is the importance of accounting for my dental office

The importance of accounting in my dental office is express in the need to guarantee that all economic activities comply with the current legal framework.

The importance of accounting for my dental office buying phone numbers lies in the need to do financial planning and an internal order of the office’s numbers.

The declarations of assets and compliance with the tax regime before the authorities must be prepar with this information.

It allows economic activity to be more productive. Perform and review all cash movements to control all monetary details that affect the dental office’s treasury.

It allows corrections to be made to processes quickly and safely.

How can I keep track of the accounting variables of my office

There are two accounting variables for a dental clinic: income and expenses. Of both, always, the income must be greater than the expense.
To calculate the costs of a dental clinic, we must know in detail the unit cost of each dental service. From the cost of the products to be us, to the support products for that action. Everything must be consider. The disinfection of the chair, the glass for the patient to rinse, the needle, the anesthesia and the maintenance of the burs.

You must calculate the time, the cost of the dental assistant, the cost of electricity, water, telephone and rent. To all this a percentage of the profit must be add for the clinic to be profitable.

To keep track of income, payments Country List are record electronically or through credit or debit cards. Also, cash payments, although they are rarer due to the convenience of cards.

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