The differences between a medical device and a medicine

Health product and medicine are different concepts. There is a regulation in this regard that is worth knowing, in addition.Medical centers must be very clear about the guidelines that differentiate between both types of products.

Next, we are going to analyze the differences between medical products and medicines. The solutions relat to the stock of both groups of products.What do we consider a medicine?
For a product to be consider a medicine, we must take into account two qualities. That it has technical characteristics capable of curing or preventing diseases, or that it can correct physiological functions through pharmacological action.

Storage of medicines and health products

Health clinics ne spaces enabl for the storage of medical supplies and medications, bas on an environment suitable for maintaining their qualities.Regarding the stock of telemarketing leads for sale medicines in a health clinic, some essential tips are the following:

It is advisable to store medications based on their common characteristics.
Have refrigerators for all those medications that ne to be stored at low temperatures.
Avoid sudden changes in temperature, because they could negatively influence the properties of the medications.

Stock control through digital means

Digital media have been an adequate solution for stock control. Software like Clinic Cloud allows you to have information about your warehouse in real time. With all types of information relat to your products, both pharmacological and health.

One of the main advantages is that the chances of generating out-of-stock are reduc to a minimum. Having a digital medical storage manager allows you to establish alerts. As in the case of Clinic Cloud, and check. The storage levels of each product.Another advantage of Country List digital management is that we can generate an adequate rotation. Both in terms of medical supplies and in the case of medications.

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