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Sometimes people don’t realize that the cause of their photos being blurry or foggy is because they forget to clean their camera lens from these two things.

You can clean it using a soft tissue or cloth so as not to scratch the lens. If there is, you can also use a fiber cloth that is usually used to clean eyeglass lenses.

2. Choose a place with good lighting
Adequate lighting is one of the determining factors for whether or not the photos you take are good. Therefore choose a photo shooting location with supportive lighting.

For Example on the Terrace or Next to the Window

Another option, if maybe the sunlight is not good, you can use the help of a lamp as additional lighting. Position the lamp so that the entire area of ​​your product can be exposed to maximum light.

3. Create an interesting concept
If you sell on the marketplace Dominica B2B List a unique and slightly different photo concept will make your product photos the center of attention among other similar products.

For example, if you sell sunscreen products, you can make photos with a beachfront concept according to the function of the product. So, the photo will simultaneously describe many things to potential buyers.

So that you can find interesting concepts, try to explore your creative ideas or brainstorm with other people.

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4. Use background and supporting properties
The choice of background and the properties you use will greatly affect the final result. Don’t just choose a background color that makes your product invisible.

For example, the product you are selling is blue, then you have to choose another color as the background so that your product looks more stand out .

As for the selection of photo Country List properties, you can use items that match your product, for example you sell food, so you can use items that match the food. Whether it’s adding whole chilies, cooking utensils, coffee beans and so on.

5. Set camera focus
If a professional camera has a lens that can focus automatically and manually, smartphone cameras can too. This is important for you to pay attention to so that the focus point of your photo is right on the product.

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