That’s a simple, extremely important question and one of the ones we hear most often here at. Hotlabz, which is why it was one of the first ones we chose to answer here in the first series of content on our Blog Backstage of Digital Marketing . We are going to share with you a little of the process we use to build investment scenarios for our clients. Studies indicate that companies are willing to invest only 3-5% of their revenues in marketing, these numbers have been growing with the new economy and certainly this rule was raised during the year 2020 and the great growth of the digital market together the digital transformation taking place in companies around the world. Is it worth investing in paid media like Facebook Ads or Google Ads for my business.

Yes! And that deserves an entire article dedicated to this topic

But the number of new businesses advertising in paid online media is growing. The budget available for companies to invest in this type of marketing grew by. Facebook Plan and Go, 2020). Businesses have built a new means of generating revenue. And taking their offer to targeted audiences through Belarus Business Email List these platforms and are profiting greatly. By opting for online advertising, increasing the visibility of their brands and reaching new markets. Some of the main benefits of structuring a solid online sales and promotion. Process are: control and autonomy in generating revenue for your company. By deciding which type of audience your ad will go to. Which offer will be highlighted and what volume of people you will bring to your business, it is possible to estimate results. Make decisions more assertively and predict trends to prevent or take advantage of opportunities.

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How is an ideal budget for investment in paid media defined?

See below some of the variables that are part of the construction of the budget. Suggested to our clients who invest in paid media. Time and size of the company In our analyzes and diagnosis, we seek to understand the. Moment your company is going through and we align the company’s expectation Country List of results with online. Marketing and advertising to understand which solutions make the most sense. Knowing better the area of ​​activity, business vision and information such. As the company’s revenue, average ticket. Public and among others that help us to decipher online advertising strategies. That can increase the results of our clients. Online Sales Structure and Process Each segment and product has its sales cycle, market peculiarities, commercial cost involved.

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