Causes of Email Bounces and 7 Smart Steps

Email bounce, or often called email bounce back, is a situation where an email is returned to the sender because it failed to be delivered to the intended recipient.

Meanwhile, the email bounce rate is the percentage of emails that fail to be sent to recipients, whether due to invalid email addresses, technical problems, or other causes.

For example, when you send a marketing email to 100 prospects, then there are 2 emails that have a status that cannot be sent for various reasons, that means your email bounce rate is 2%.

Based on data from the campaign monitor , the benchmark email bounce rate should be less than 2%. If it’s more than 2%, it means you need to check your email list again.

In Fact if the Email Bounce Rate Reaches More Than 5%

Not only paying attention to the bounce rate ratio , you also nee to know and see the type of email bounce you experience. There are Estonia B2B List two types of bounces, namely hard bounces and soft bounces . Approximately, what distinguishes these two types of reflection?

Hard bounce is a permanent failure to send an email. This type of failure can be caused by a variety of things, such as an invalid domain or because you mistype your email address. You can immediately delete all email addresses with a hard bounce status. Because emails will not be able to be sent to those addresses.

Here Are Some Causes of Email Bounce Back That You Might Experience

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Invalid email address. Email bounce back can occur if you send an email to an incorrect or invalid address. This can happen if the email address has been canceled or deactivate, or if you spelled the email address incorrectly.
The email account is disable or has been delete. Maybe not all email lists that you have are still actively used. If there is an email that has been deactivate for. A long time or delete by the owner, then the email you sent will be bounce.
The email server is currently under maintenance. Email bounce backs can also occur if the recipient’s email server experiences problems or downtime .
Recipient’s inbox is full. If the recipient’s inbox is full, the email you sent may be rejecte. This sometimes happens with free email accounts that have strict storage limits.

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