Digital Marketing Trends for 2023

All year round here at Hotlabz ​​we raise the main trends in the digital marketing market for managers, entrepreneurs and marketing professionals. We know that at the end/beginning of the year, many teams stop to review their strategies and implement new actions to amplify their results. 1. More intense and planned relationship with influencers Hiring an influencer to make “a post” is a thing of the past, the path now is: contextualized content and relationship. Products and brands are being inserted more organically into content and extended contracts with monthly plans or influencers becoming brand ambassadors is set to become increasingly common in 2023. Replacing the one-off publishing hires that dominated the market in 2018-19 . Native advertising, the one that blends into the content and doesn’t interrupt the audience’s experience, is what brands and influencers will strive even harder to build in 2023.

Below is an example of Christmas advertising

Coca-Cola with famous eujuliovictor for its. Top 5 videos, the Coca-cola team took advantage of the content format to. Insert its advertising in a light and relaxed tone. Source: Reproduction Instagram  Brands and influencers have realized that it is not efficient to. Insert short and interruptive Botswana Business Email List advertisements, such as a. Story marking the of the company’s Instagram to generate results. It is necessary to have more relationship with the public, seeking affinity and developing the. Relationship between the public and the brand based on the influencer content. The way brands relate to influencers has changed, specific. Actions are being replaced by more extensive content plans, with the aim of better involving content producers and their audience in the message that brands need to convey.

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Followers are not enough

Large numbers are no longer the determining factor in choosing the right. Influencer to promote brands and products, the positioning affinity between the brand and influencers. Has become a much more relevant factor in choosing names to compose strategies. Products and solutions are being inserted Country List into the. Daily lives of real people, bringing context, clearer instructions for use, application. Demonstrations and results over the course of weeks. As a result, brands have been presenting more. Real aspects of their products to influencers, increasing the awareness of their customers and users. Own data and privacy Privacy laws and data management guidelines. Have developed a lot in recent years and feared news is coming to the market in 2023. By 2022, websites and apps could rely on Google Universal Analytics to monitor usage data and metrics.

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