Finding the Most Popular Pages on the Website

Each website page must have the most popular page or post. So is your website. You will find that there are web pages with higher traffic than other pages. You will also have a page where visitors feel at home there and can even generate conversions. In addition, it is possible that one of the pages or posts on your website gets an unreasonable number of clicks, Google Analytics will help you identify it. Instead of having a positive impact, an excessive number of clicks will actually make your website suspicious of Google. By knowing the most popular pages on the website, you can determine a strategy based on the insights provided by Analytics.

Track Conversions

Before discussing how Google Analytics helps you track conversions, let’s first find out what conversion means, especially in the context of digital marketing. Conversion in digital marketing can be interpreted as a list of desired or targeted actions.

These actions range from clicking on certain links, registering for email subscriptions, providing personal information, to purchasing a product or service.

With Google Analytics, you can track conversions from being targeted. At the same time, it also analyzes what conversions are most often Chinese Europe Phone Number List chosen  by website visitors. Each website certainly has a different conversion rate.

From the data collected by Analytics, you can determine what strategy to do next to increase the conversion rate of your website.

Reasons to Install Google Analytics: It’s free

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Free. Yes, this one word is enough to. Represent why google analytics. Is used by many people, it can even be said to be something that. Must be on a website. Why is that? Because using google analytics is free. There are no fees at all. As a tool that is used. To answer market. Needs for analytics, google analytics is a tool with an easy way to use. If you’re not a tech geek, you don’t. Need to worry, google analytics is easy to learn, especially. When it comes to installation. You don’t need to have advanced coding skills to be able to install the Google Analytics tracking code. There are lots of tutorials on the internet about how to install a tracking code.

But if you still have trouble installing it yourself, you can ask for help from the hosting provider where you subscribe. Website creation services be Country List a or have a team that will help solve the problems you get.


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