People will believe more if there is an element of the name of the area compared to those who do not use the name of the area. But again, customer trust certainly cannot be measured from one side only. In addition to regional names, street names are also often used for online store names.

5. Representing the owner
As a business owner, you can also use your name as the name of your online store. This method is widely used by public figures when creating a business. The popularity of their name can help boost the business they have.

Even if you’re not a public figure, there’s nothing wrong with using your name for an online shop.

As Long as Your Name is Short and Easy to Say

6. Abbreviation or initials
Still want to use your name but it’s too long? Alternatively, you can use your initials to make it shorter.

Many artists use this method as their Guyana B2B List business name. One example is rafi ahmad and nagita slavina who use the name rans entertainment for their business. You also try to use this method to find the name of the online store that you have.

7. Foreign languages
The last method that is also widely used by business owners is to use a foreign language. It can be spanish, english, portuguese, arabic, even sanskrit.

Brodo is a brand that uses a foreign language for the name of their online shop. Brodo itself comes from the greek language which means “Chicken broth”.

So What to Do With Shoes You Can Learn More on the Internet

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Collect as many alternative names as possible using the methods above and don’t forget to write them down. So that later it will be easier for you to make the selection of these names.

Those are some ideas that you can Country List make reference to when looking for a name for an online store.

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Things to look for in making an online store name
Every business owner must have a great desire so that his business can continue to grow. Therefore, when determining a brand name, there is usually a strong element of hope or philosophy in the name.

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