Get to Know the 15 Popular Copywriting Formulas

Copywriting is a technique for creating marketing materials that aim to influence the audience to take the desired action, such as buying a product or service, subscribing to a newsletter, contacting the sales team, and so on.

Today, the responsibilities of a copywriter also include writing copy for advertisements, newsletters, social media post captions, landing pages, and more. Copywriting is not always in the form of writing, it can be in the form of pictures or videos.

Why is copywriting important?

Here Are Some Reasons Why Copywriting is So Important

Increase the conversion rate ratio
Improve the structure of an article
Increase engagement on social media
Understand consumer needs and wants
Build a strong brand image
Keep in mind that copywriting isn’t just important for large companies. Msmes and startups are also encouraged to optimize copywriting for promotions.

Copywriting purpose
The main goal of copywriting is to influence the audience to take certain actions. That is why a copy is usually equipped with a call CANADA B2B List to action (cta) or a sentence of invitation.

For example, invitations to buy products, use services, subscribe to premium packages, download applications, click links, share posts, attend events, and many more.

Types of copywriting
Copywriting can be divided into several types based on more specific purposes, writing techniques, and media. Here are the types of copywriting you need to know:

1. Ad copywriting
Ad copywriting has the main purpose of advertising or promoting a product or service.

Ad copywriting seeks to influence the audience to take an action by using the most efficient diction possible. Therefore, every word that appears in the copy has an important role.

Social Media Copywriting Can Come in Many Forms


For example, infographic posts, short video scripts, to captions for content uploaded on social media platforms.

4. Technical copywriting
Technical copywriting is a type of copywriting that focuses on explaining technical matters relate to the use of a product. This type does not only aim to influence the audience. To be intereste in buying the product in question.

As for other roles, such as explaining product descriptions. Introducing superior features, and telling how to use them. Therefore, copywriters are not only expecte to be able.

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