How much does a dentist earn in Spain in 2022

Whether you are a dentist, aspire to be one or are simply curious, you have surely ever wondered how much a dentist charges in Spain. It is clear that each professional establishes their own rates, but in this post you will discover at what levels their income moves.

Dentist is one of the most valued and recognized professions in our country, located in the top salary positions in the healthcare world. Their average salary amounts to 65,500 euros gross per year, which translates into 3,600 euros net per month. To give you an idea, this figure exceeds the average annual salary in Spain by 176%, which is registered at 42,400 euros.

However, it is true that this is an estimate of the average salary for the profession in general. In fact, it must be taken into account that there are various factors that influence the salary of a dentist in Spain. The figure can vary greatly if it is an experienced dentist or a recent graduate, the branch in which they have specialized or if they have their own clinic or work for others.

Factors that influence the salary of a dentist in Spain

In the case of professional experience, the salary ranges from 25,000 euros to a whopping 107,400 euros, according to data provided by the Jobt buy phone leads employment portal. For example, a dentist, with zero to three years of experience, can expect an average salary of around 25,600 euros gross per year. From four to nine years of experience, the figure increases to approximately 61,200 euros, and from ten to 20 years you can expect an average salary of 96,900 euros.

If we talk in terms of percentages, if you have a lot of experience, you move away positively from the average salary of a dentist in Spain with +62%, while if you have an expert level, you move away by +46%. On the contrary, with average experience you would be 8% away from reaching the average, while without experience you would be -62%.
On the other hand, the specialty is a fundamental factor that determines what a dentist can charge in Spain.

What is the salary of a dentist in other parts of the world

As in Spain, the dentistry profession is one of the most recognized and best paid internationally. Dentists in other parts of the world also enjoy good remuneration, even higher than in Spain. This is the case of the United States, for example, where the average gross salary reaches 110,558 euros per year. In Holland it is 59,372 euros per year and in the United Kingdom 57,192.

In addition to the countries already mentioned, let’s see what the average and estimated salary of a dentist is according to the data provided by the Lenstore study in the following areas:

France: as a general rule, job offers in the French country reflect a salary of around 3,000 to 6,000 euros per month.
Switzerland: in the Swedish country there has been an offer for a position as a dentist with a salary range between 14,000 and 28,000 euros per month, with the Country List average being about 4,600 euros per month.
Norway: the data shown indicates that the average gross salary for a dentist is about 4,700 euros per month.
Germany: in the German country, data indicate that the average salary of a dentist per month is around 4,000 euros.

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