What is an organizational chart in a dental center

The organizational chart of a dental clinic allows us to establish different functions for each professional, depending on their capabilities. The hierarchy in a dental center identifies the responsibilities of each person, and allows us to offer adequate patient care service.

Next, we analyze the organizational chart of a dental clinic, with the basic functions of each professional.
An organizational chart of a dental office is a graphic representation of the components of a work team, which usually incorporates its main functions. In the specific case of a dental clinic, the organizational chart divides the functions of each specialist and establishes the hierarchy of the medical center.

Beyond the graphical representation itself, it is very important that all those involved have a clear vision of the organizational chart. All workers in a dental center must know their responsibilities, but it is also important that each member knows the responsibilities of the entire team.

The importance of determining responsibilities and tasks

The medical director is the first health person in charge of the company. It is possible that he may perform functions as a dentist, but his responsibility buy phone number list includes coordinating the clinic’s medical staff, hiring medical personnel, controlling and evaluating medical equipment, and verifying stocks.

The work of the medical director, as in the case of the manager, is based on coordinating materials and equipment, however his scope is essentially healthcare, and not so much financial.

General dentist
The general dentist is part of the team of employees, and therefore his work is related to the treatments carried out in the clinic itself.
A general dentist has a fundamental responsibility with the patient, which is why it is important that he carry out exhaustive analyzes as well as appropriate treatments, depending on the needs of each patient.
His responsibilities are not related to the management of the clinic, although both the manager and the medical director will take into account the opinion of the dental team.

The use of digital media for the management of dental clinics

Digital media aimed at dental activity are fundamental support for the organization of clinics. Clinic Cloud includes modules specifically developed for dentists looking for a digital space to work daily.

With Clinic Cloud you can manage all the financial aspects of your company, make financial plans and organize all the data related to the company’s capital.

With Clinic Cloud you can also organize your company’s stock and manage the warehouse, coordinating the material module and the financial module.
Clinic Cloud has shared and individual agendas, and its content can be accessed from any device with an internet connection, from the personal access platform.

Clinic Cloud offers you a secure space with Country List continuous backup copies, and a security system that complies with the provisions of the Organic Law on Data Protection. For a dental clinic, it is essential to have a digital system that guarantees the safety of both patients and professionals. With Clinic Cloud you can work online, with the security of having the best dentistry software.

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