Currently, cloudflare has many services available in the market. The available services even reach 70 tools that can be developed to support website needs for users.

However, before getting to know more about the services provided by cloudflare, you should first know what cloudflare is? And how does it work?.

What is cloudflare?
Cloudflare is a cdn (content delivery network) network that bridges between visitors and websites. Cloudflare is a tool that facilitates communication between users and visitors with fast website loading speeds and provides security on a website.

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Cloudflare will direct website visitors to the closest data center. Of course, this can speed up website loading access faster than when not using cloudflare.
Cloudflare can reduce bot Belarus Mobile Database activity, mitigate ddos attacks and prevent comment spam.
Cloudflare’s function is to filter spam comments on your website. By using third party personal data, cloudflare is able to protect your website by filtering comments on your website.
To monitor malicious actions on the website
Cloudflare’s function is to monitor malicious actions on the website. In this case, cloudflare’s role is to receive various access requests which will then be analyzed whether the website visitor is a malicious or harmless visitor.

Provides Visitor Reports Whether These Visitors Are Search

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The last function of cloudflare is being able to reduce the use of server resources, for example the use of cpu on hosting. In addition, if there is a spike in visitors, the server load can remain safe.
How does it work?
Cloudflare is a cdn content delivery network Country List which has a network layer of security. When your website has been registered with the cloudflare server service, all access from web traffic will be routed through cloudflare’s global network.

The cloudflare server will store a static file copy of your website through a server that is closer to your web visitors, adjusting the geographic location closer to web visitors. So that the website will be easier to access by users.

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