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Getting a new job or project that we never expecte before is like 2 sides of a coin, between being happy and confuse if the job is something completely new for us. What’s more, the project requires us to use foreign languages ​​in the process, so there must be more effort from us to translate indonesian into foreign languages, such as translating french indonesian , dutch indonesian, german indonesian, and so on.

For this reason, in this article, we will provide some recommendations for popular applications that are commonly use to translate foreign languages ​​other than google translate, which many people already use.

Google Translate Tool on Linux Easily Translate Various

Cc is a foreign language translator application that comes with support for translation into many languages ​​such as translate indonesian, french , italian, portuguese, russian, spanish and others. Some of the advantages of this application are such as offline translation facilities , auto suggestions, audio pronunciations and many more.

All the features in this application work very well and almost no bugs are found. But the drawback of this application is that the translation Bahrain Mobile Database feature only works per word. Even so, dict.Cc remains one of the most recommende foreign language translator applications because of its ease of use.

Bk translate is an application developer that focuses on foreign language translation applications. They have many translator applications that work in many languages ​​such as translating indonesian french , indonesian spanish, indonesian arabic, indonesian german, and many others.

Every Foreign Language Translator App Create by Bk Translate Works

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Dict box is a foreign language translator application that supports many languages, including english, french, spanish, arabic, korean, japanese, chinese, romanian and many others.

Several interesting features are also presente in this application such as support for offline use , correction, pronunciation Country List with audio , tests using cards to practice memorizing and synchronization between devices. For design issues, dict box has a simple and easy to understand user interface.

However, sometimes there are cases where the translation results from foreign language translator applications do not match the terms we should use in the projects we get, such as for example economic or business terms in foreign languages ​​which we often cannot find in foreign language translator applications.

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