6 Email List Management Best Practices for Growing and Maintaining a Loyal List

But a good email marketing strategy depends on having a strong, loyal list. And, in order to get the kind of healthy, evergreen list you need for top results. Maintaining a Loyal List you need to focus on email list management best practices. Email list management encompasses numerous action items you want to master if you’re going to grow a loyal list of subscribers. Think of list management as a means to grow, segment, and maintain your email list and its health. (More on that later.)

What is email list management?

Email list management includes everything from managing bounced emails to importing an email database from Excel. Adding double opt-in signup forms to your website and creating a re-engagement campaign are all part of email list management. Your goal Belgium WhatsApp number data is to slowly grow your subscriber base so you can turn browsers into shoppers and prospects into customers. And that takes time. But, there are things you can do to keep your list growing and growing in a healthy way. Before we dive in to how to make a healthy list, let’s determine what it means for a list to be healthy.

What makes a healthy list?

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There are a lot of elements that go into developing a healthy email list but the two most important are engagement and churn. Plus, sending emails only to have them end up in spam folders or go to nonexistent addresses can negatively impact your sender reputation. This hurts the reputation of your IP, which, in turn, lowers your deliverability even further.

Learn from the churn

Email churn refers to the number of people leaving your list through unsubscribing, who report you as spam, whose addresses results in a hard bounce, or who just don’t open your emails. They’re either not engaging or they’ve actively disengaged with Country List your emails. While some churn is inevitable, using email list best practices will help rejuvenate your list and slow the churn to a manageable rate. Now that you understand what makes a nice, healthy list, you’ll need to keep it that way.

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